Amazon #25 and Goodreads #16 — kybookworm (5-stars) — Feb. 27

I really enjoyed this police procedural crime novel. It’s not a constant stream of tension and thrills, but there’s plenty of it mixed in with the slower pace of police investigation. In other words, it’s realistic. TV cop shows have to get their story done in less than an hour, so people not familiar with … More Amazon #25 and Goodreads #16 — kybookworm (5-stars) — Feb. 27

The Baker’s Husband by Jeannie Sharpe (Book Review)

The Baker’s Husband, by Jeannie Sharpe This is a book I read for a book group. It’s not my genre, so I’ll admit up front that I’m not predisposed to love this kind of story. It’s also the first novel attempt by this author, and it suffers from some pretty serious problems in plot, timelines, … More The Baker’s Husband by Jeannie Sharpe (Book Review)

Mary Woldering Blog Interview

Mary Woldering (blogger and book reviewer) has posted part 1 of a two-part interview with me on her website at the below link. You will need to scroll down the blog a bit to find me (or first read the very interesting article that’s above me). Many thanks to Mary for posting!—spawning-of-a-genre-Olga-Olhas-Amanda-Kevin-G-Chapman-Coming-events-and-releases