Lethal Voyage (Mike Stoneman Thriller #3)

Best Mystery/Thriller of 2021″ – The Kindle Book Review.

Finalist for the CLUE Award (Chanticleer Book Review).

Finalist for the RONE Award (InD’Tale Magazine)

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A group of college friends on board the fictional Colossus of the Ocean gift to Rachel Robinson one of their cruise group shirts with the logo, “Cruisin’ & Boozin’.” Here, on board the real-life Oasis of the Seas, the fictional shirt meets the actual book. Looking good!

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Lethal Voyage is book #3 in the Mike Stoneman Thriller series. Fresh off the shootout at The Alexander Hamilton Hotel at the end of book #2 (Deadly Enterprise), the police commissioner tells Mike and Jason that they need to take a vacation. They need to get out of town until the local media finds something else to be in a frenzy about. Fortunately, Rachel Robinson (Jason’s recent girlfriend) and Michelle McNeill (the county ME and the woman who has full control of Mike’s heart) conspire to find the two couples a last-minute cruise from New York to Bermuda. Aboard the Epic Cruise Line’s flagship — the Colossus of the Ocean — they can look forward to a quiet and relaxing trip. Or . . . maybe not.

On the cruise, the two couples meet Max and Shirley Bloom. Max is a theatrical producer. Shirley is a former Broadway actress, who gave up her career to be Max’s wife and mother to their children. Michelle remembers her from the Broadway musical, Kiss My Face. (If you get that joke, make sure to send me an email. The first person who knows gets a FREE autographed paperback [or an ebook if you’re outside the US].) When Shirley ends up over the railing of her balcony and in the ship’s morgue, the chief of security is ready to call it a suicide. Michelle, however, doesn’t buy that explanation. Since nobody else seems willing to investigate, Mike and Jason pick up the case. How do you take a vacation and investigate a possible murder at the same time? Read Lethal voyage and see for yourself!

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