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Welcome to my website!  I am, by profession, an attorney specializing in labor and employment law.  My passion (aside from playing tournament poker) is writing fiction. My first Novel: “Identity Crisis: A Rick LaBlonde, P.I. Mystery,” was self-published through Xlibris in 2003, and is now available via Amazon.com as a Kindle e-book.  Tip — anyone who posts a review of my new book can contact me for a FREE Kindle edition of Identity Crisis!  My second novel, “A Legacy of One” was published in 2016 and was a finalist (short list) for the Chanticleer Book Reviews’ Somerset Award for Literary Fiction.  This book was my effort at writing the great american novel (which I think it is, although I doubt that many experts will read it in order to appreciate it).  A Legacy of One is available via amazon.com as a Kindle ebook and as a paperback. A Legacy of One is a serious book, filled with political and social commentary and a plot involving personal identity, self-determination, and the struggle to make the right life decisions.  I’m very proud of this effort, but I understand that it’s not easy to read and not everyone’s cup of tea.

My third novel — a homicide detective thriller titled “Righteous Assassin” will be officially published November 1, 2018.  This book is a “fun” read — it’s a page-turner.  It has some serious sub-themes, but it’s a serial killer chase and it’s intended to be enjoyable and easy to read.  The early reviews have been wonderful, and I truly hope that many, many people will read this book and enjoy it!

I have also written several short stories, including “Fool Me Twice,” the winner of the New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association’s 2010 Legal Fiction Writing Competition, which was the genesis of the character Mike Stoneman, the protagonist in “Righeous Assassin.”  I have has also written one complete screenplay (unproduced so far) and I have another screenplay and two more novels currently in the works, one of which is a sci-fi space opera epic.  But, if enough people read and like “Righteous Assassin,” then the next book will likely be installment #2 in the Mike Stoneman series.

I am a graduate of Columbia College (‘83), where I was a classmate of Barack Obama, although I can’t truthfully claim to have known him in college.  I’m also the author of a series of essays under the name Hamiltonius in which I explain why my beloved alma mater has decided to suppress free speech on campus, which is a true shame.  (Look for the essays at http://www.columbiaorgonight.blogspot.com)

I love communicating with readers and discussing plot points and characters.  I’m pretty thick-skinned, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings by disagreeing with me or pointing out errors, inconsistencies, or logical problems.  You can contact me through this website, you can post on the Facebook page of my books, or you can email me at kevingchapman[at]gmail.com.  (formatted to fool web crawlers that harvest email addresses for spammers.)  So, please reach out and contact me if you are so inclined.  Otherwise, just enjoy the books!