Righteous Assassin (Mike Stoneman #1)

Book #1 in the Mike Stoneman Thriller series. A Semi-finalist for the 2019 Kindle Book Award

A MOB BOSS IS EATEN ALIVE BY TIGERS AT THE BRONX ZOO.  A New Jersey factory owner is mutilated and left to bleed out under a Manhattan highway.  A French pharmaceutical baron is tortured and frozen to death in Little Italy.  A high-society fashion designer is poisoned in her Upper East Side apartment.  Four months, four unsolved murders – each carried out on the last Saturday night of the month.

The victims share no similar traits, have no connections to each other, have no common enemies, and were each killed in very different ways.  NYPD Detectives Mike Stoneman and Jason Dickson pick up the trail based on the coincidental timing of the unsolved murders.  Could these assassinations really be the work of a single serial killer?  Why would a single killer choose such strange and disparate methods?  Why spread your victims across all of New York?  And most importantly, how do you track down someone with no discernable pattern?

Each new murder adds a piece to the killer’s puzzle, but even unravelling the clues and finding the killer’s pattern may not be enough to catch him.  Mike and Jason bring in help from FBI profiler Angela Manning, and together they start to close in.  But will they be able to stop the elusive killer before he completes his decathlon of death?  The task force also relies on Medical Examiner Michelle McNeill, who has been on Mike’s mind a lot lately. She is an asset to the team, but is this any time to be starting a romance?

Each month is a race against the calendar.  On the last Saturday of the month, there will be blood.

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