Deadly Enterprise (Mike Stoneman #2)

Book #2 in the Mike Stoneman Thriller series is Deadly Enterprise. In the second book in the series, Mike is recovering from the injuries he sustained at the hands of Ronald Randall, the “Righteous Assassin” at the end of book #1. While he recuperates, his partner, Jason Dickson, gets placed with a temporary new partner, who is a brash and cocky detective named Ray McMillian. When Michelle McNeill, the Medical Examiner, questions whether a young girl fished out of the East River, Christine Barker, was really a heroin overdose rather than a murder. Jason and Ray try to investigate, but they find that helpful evidence is mysteriously missing.

Meanwhile, Ray and Jason are assigned to investigate the murder of a Bronx bodega owner, who apparently was killed for pushing back against a shake-down and money laundering scheme initiated by an operative of the Gallata crime family. During that investigation, Ray and Jason get into a gun fight, after which Jason faces an internal Affairs investigation.

When Mike is back on the job, although not completely done with his rehab, he and Jason face obstacles in both the bodega owner case and in the Christine Barker case. It appears that those obstacles may be the result of involvement by other cops. This gets Internal Affairs interested, and Mike and Jason need to work with the IA agent to uncover the truth, no matter how embarrassing that might be to the NYPD, and no matter how much danger might be involved.

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Deadly Enterprise — Chapter 2
Mike Stoneman Thriller #2