Perilous Gambit (MST #5)

In book #5 of the Mike Stoneman Thriller series, Jason and Rachel are off to Las Vegas to get married. Mike and Michelle are coming along to be their witnesses and to enjoy a winter trip to the desert in early January of 2020. Rachel is looking forward to seeing her brother, Jackie, who is a dancer in Vegas. She’s a little worried, however, about explaining to Jason that Jackie dances in a drag show. Her worry about Jason’s reaction quickly takes a backseat to other problems when Jackie is accused of murdering the lead in the show. Jason and Mike find themselves in the unusual position of defending the suspect against the local cops.

Why is Jackie a suspect at all? Who really killed Mimi LaRee? How is this all connected to the murder of a South Dakota senator? And why is the Vegas Mob involved? Find out the answers in Perilous Gambit!

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Perilous Gambit — Chapter 1
Perilous Gambit — Chapter 2
Perilous Gambit – Chapter 3