Free Righteous Assassin GIVEAWAY Page!

If you landed here, then you received an offer to receive a FREE ebook copy of Righteous Assassin, book #1 in the Mike Stoneman Thriller Series. Thanks for coming!

To receive your FREE ebook, click HERE to go to my contact page (or click above “contact” tab) to send me a message. Please include the THREE vital bits of information:

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If you already read Righteous Assassin, or if you would prefer to skip the serial killer story and jump in with the second book in the series, Deadly Enterprise, just say so.

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And while you are here, you can download a FREE copy of the short story, Fool Me Twice, in which Mike Stoneman first appeared in print. After you enter the free giveaway contest, click HERE to download your free copy of Fool Me Twice.

Good luck!