The Whiteboard Squad Page

This is the private page for members of the Whiteboard Squad. Squad members should bookmark this page in order to come back for updates and member content. (This page cannot be navigated to from the home page menus.)

Upcoming Key Dates:

— Labor Day weekend (Saturday, Sept. 4) – In-person Book Launch/Cover Reveal/Signing party — Kevin’s house; 6-8 p.m.

— Sept. 5 (Sunday) — Facebook Live Cover Reveal. (~3:00 p.m.)

— October – ARCs available for pre-publication reads of Perilous Gambit

— November 15 — projected launch date.

For the Whiteboard Squad — the first peek at the cover for Perilous Gambit!

Facebook Posts!

Here are some Facebook Posts you can use to help publicize the books! Use these along with the link to the Series Page on Amazon:

Download this image HERE

Download this image HERE


Deleted Scene from Fatal Infraction. If you have read the early reader copy of the new book (and if you haven’t yet, please do it — the download link and password was sent out in an email. If you can’t find it, contact me) then you know Kristi Olson, sportswriter for The New York Times. Kristi deals with sexual harassment and discrimination based on being a female sportswriter. She is also deeply involved in rooting out the real story of racism among some of the players on Jimmy Rydell’s team. I wrote a chapter where Kristi receives a dramatic message from an anonymous person. The scene is based on the real-life experience of female sportswriter Lisa Olson. But, alas, my beta readers and editor (and wife) all agreed that the scene was really not necessary and was a bit distracting since it didn’t tie in directly to anything else in the story. So, it was cut in the editing process. You, as Whiteboard Squad members, get the first opportunity to read the DELETED SCENE. Click HERE to download the .zip file containing the WORD document. If you have any issues with the download, just contact me and as for the WORD file. I’m interested in your reactions.

The preview scene from book #5 — Perilous Gambit. The Advance Reader Copy of the new book did not include the preview of book #5 that will appear in the final Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions. If you read the ARC, you didn’t get to read this — but I want everyone in the Squad to be among the first to see it. Click HERE to download the file for the Preview of book #5.