Progress toward publication of “Righteous Assassin”

Sept. 10, 2018.  L’Shana Tova — Happy Jewish New Year to everyone!  As of today, my beta readers have the working draft of “Righteous Assassin” and I hope to have their feedback by the end of next week.  Meanwhile, Sharon has been editing and offering suggestions and we have put together what I hope will be the final draft, subject to beta reader feedback.  I have just this weekend selected my cover designer (bespoke book design) and I will be working with them in the coming weeks on a killer cover.  If all goes well, I should have the final version published via Createspace before Thanksgiving and ready for Christmas season gift giving (hint).

I’ll be happy to take pre-orders for anyone who wants a hard copy direct from the author (signed, of course).

Next up is finalizing the blurb for the book jacket and listing.  I would post them here for comment, but I have not formally launched this website yet, so I have no readers.  Perhaps soon.

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