Free Books for your Book Club (and an interview with the author)

If you belong to a book club (I’m in several), then you’re always looking for something interesting to read and discuss. As an author, I love it when book clubs want to read my books. If you have a book club and want to read something serious and thought-provoking, my literary fiction novel, “A legacy of One” is a great choice. It was shortlisted for the Chanticleer Book Award (Somerset Award) for literary fiction for 2016 and is filled with characters and situations to generate colorful and intellectual discussions about politics, religion, self-determination, families, and making hard choices.

If you are looking for something more “fun,” but which still raises some interesting issues about morality, justice, and relationships, my crime-thriller, “Righteous Assassin,” is a book that everyone has enjoyed and which will be a great “easy read” for a book club that has been tackling heavier material and needs a mental vacation.

If you want to read either book, I’ll be happy to provide FREE electronic copies (.pdf format) or discounted Kindle and paperback copies to your group, and I will be thrilled to call in and talk to your group during your meeting so that you can ask me questions directly or have me participate in the discussion.

So, pass the word around to your friends, post on Facebook or other social media. Spread the news. I’m going to make it so easy for you and your book club to read my books!

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