An in depth page turner-Read this book!

October 27, 2019 — By Angie’s Reviews:

Written in perfect tempo, the author has filled his pages with the most enthralling story I have read since my days reading John Grisham. Up to par with any high crime, mystery, thriller novel this story has it all.
Crime, mystery, gore that will have you wincing and even a budding romance.

When the POV switches to the murderers’ trust me, you will be glued to the pages. The author puts you in the murderer’s place. You watch his prey die, which is the most brilliant part of the book and my personal favorite.

Well fleshed out characters are the pinnacle of this story as each has their backstory and their reasons for being in this story.

You will be swept along in this story, turning each page hoping for both the detectives solving the murders and rooting for the “righteous assassins” and who his next ‘worthy’ target will be. Because they all deserved it you are left on the precipice wondering if he is a right, but should he be the judge, jury, and executioner?

When it comes down to it I intend on placing this, my dog eared, much-loved copy of “Righteous Assassin” on my library shelves right next to my Grishams, which will look much the same.  Which reminds me… Hey Kevin, send me a signed copy before you become too famous!

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