Fool Me Twice — Audio File

If this works, then this link will take you to an audio file (on YouTube) of the short story “Fool Me Twice,” where the character of Mike Stoneman first appeared.

“Fool Me Twice” was the winner of a short story writing context in 2012 sponsored by the NJ Corporate Counsel Association. Later, I used the character created for the short story as the lead character in Righteous Assassin (A Mike Stoneman Thriller). The short story is printed at the back of the book (both the paperback and the Kindle edition).

For folks who prefer to listen rather than read, this audio file is a beta test of narration that I’m just starting for the audio book format version of Righteous Assassin, which will be available sometime in 2020 via Audible. If you’ve been waiting to listen to your Mike Stoneman thrillers, the wait is getting shorter. You will have to settle for narration by the author, since hiring a professional actor to narrate the book is out of my current price range. You’ll have to tell me whether my narration is acceptable.

Enjoy the listen!

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