Audiobook Blog Tour – Deadly Enterprise (Apr. 26 – May 2, 2020)

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Apr. 26th:
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The Book Junkie Reads . . . (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt)
T’s Stuff (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Guest Post)

Apr. 27th:
Audiobook News (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt)
The Real AudioSpy (Review, Spotlight + Audio Excerpt) — 4-star review: “Excellent story that draws you in from the first page. You can get a good feel of being enveloped in a policeman’s life. Usually authors who narrate their own work aren’t very good, but I thought Chapman did a good job. Good enough to keep me turning the pages and be drawn into the story. Solid police procedural.”
The Clipped Nightingale (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Guest Post)

Apr. 28th:
AC Squared Book Blog (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt)
abookandalattee (Review, Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Author/Narrator Interview) 4-star review: “Chapman did an awesome job an capturing my attention right from the beginning and pulling me in. He made me feel like I was apart of the team/squad by giving us a feel for the life of a policeman. I extremely enjoyed that he narrated his own work. I’ve listened to other author’s who’ve narrated their own work and I haven’t found to many that I’ve really enjoyed. Chapman did an excellent job!”
2 Girls & A Book (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Guest Post)

Apr. 29th:
I’m Into Books (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Giveaway)
Nesie’s Place (Review)

Deadly Enterprise is a fast-paced crime thriller with a gritty, hard-boiled feel.

Detective Mike Stoneman is on med leave recovering from injuries sustained in his last case. His mind is ready to return to work, but the agony of physical therapy lets Mike know his body still isn’t ready.

When medical examiner—and girlfriend—Michelle McNeill shares her suspicions about a recent autopsy, Mike is all ears.

Brushed off as a druggie suicide, no one is investigating what happened to the young woman pulled from the river. But while Michelle finds evidence of an overdose, she doesn’t find proof of long-time drug abuse.

Her concerns are enough for Mike to nose around, but he hits the proverbial wall every time he finds a piece of the puzzle. His partner, Jason Dickson, shares his suspicions and lends a hand with Stoneman’s official unofficial investigation even though he and new temporary partner, Ray McMillian, are working a high-profile, socially sensitive murder case. Jason is lead detective for all the wrong reasons, and though his resolve is tested, he’s determined to help Mike.

I haven’t read or listened to book one of this series, but the author wove enough relevant details throughout the story to answer my questions.

Where I stumbled, however, was with the narration. For me, the characterizations didn’t ring true and watered down the story. It came across more as tongue-in-cheek… poking fun and parodying character personalities. It was annoying at times, but the plot is powerful enough to prevail.

Driven to see justice done, Stoneman walks a fine line between right and wrong navigating around dirty cops and corruption, prostitution, drugs, and murder.

Readers of crime fiction, hard-boiled suspense, and police procedurals will love Deadly Enterprise… just remember to breathe.


I volunteered to review this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Kevin G. Chapman. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Apr. 30th:
Super Booked! (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Guest Post)
Jazzy Book Reviews (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Top 10 List)

May 1st:
A Wonderful World of Words (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt)
Eileen Troemel (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Guest Post)

May 2nd:
Willow Writes and Reads (Review, Spotlight + Audio Excerpt) 4-star review: “A girl is found dead in the river. Her death is considered an overdose and nobody wanted to spend longer on the case than absolutely necessary. To them, it was an open and shut case. The only one who took notice of her death was the medical examiner. She insists that somebody do something to investigate the case. She feels that the girl was murdered. Nobody really takes her too seriously until another body is discovered with the same consistencies as the first.
I actually really did enjoy this book more than I thought I would. I mean I didn’t love it, but I really enjoyed it. It was much better than the first book in this series. It’s easier to read. The characters were much more lively in the book. There were many parts where the book still felt a bit stale. Which is why I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. There is a major character adjustment in one of the detectives. I can honestly say that it really helped me enjoy the book a lot better as well. This book didn’t read like a Criminal Minds episode as much as the first book did either.
This book was also narrated by the narrator. I’m beginning to think that the first book was the first book he ever narrated. If I’m wrong, it’s not meant as an insult. Just an observation. He seems to have found his niche a bit more with this one. He comes off more comfortable and less unsure of himself. It was really nice to hear. I’m curious to see if he’s going to narrate other books. Maybe some more of his own. Maybe some of others. It would be nice to see how he does.
I enjoyed this book a lot more than I did in the first book. I might consider giving both of them a chance again in the future because of it. Sometimes I really feel like I’m being overly critical when I don’t like books. However, I realize that we aren’t going to love every book we come across. I am curious to see if there will be more books in this series. I wonder where they will go. My curiosity on it all definitely feels like a sign to me. It’s an enjoyable read that I fully recommend to crime lovers out there.”
Teatime and Books (Spotlight + Audio Excerpt, Author/Narrator Interview, Top 10 List)

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