Happy Father’s Day 2020

                Father’s Day may be a Hallmark holiday, but it’s still appropriate (like on Mother’s Day) to honor our fathers. It’s also nice for a father to appreciate his children. This year won’t include visits and hugs. We’re all Father’s Day distancing today. I’ve got a zoom call with my kids later today. Tonight I’ll call my dad for a weekly check-in. But, as they say, it’s the thought that counts.

                My dad is still going strong at 85. He’s pissed off that he can’t go to work every day (yep, he’s still working as the morning man behind the microphone at KONP radio. The year of the COVID has disrupted his routine much more than mine. It’s comforting for me to hear is voice on the phone. He has always been an inspiration and it’s nice to remember the great times I had as a kid with my dad.

                I’ll have the chance to chat with my kids today also, which is great. Usually it’s separate phone calls from the two who live far away. Today it will be simultaneous via Zoom.  That’s a nice development. We never thought about doing that before. The best thing about my kids is that they all get along with each other and support each other. That’s the best gift a father can get. I hope they have happy memories about the time they spent with me when they were kids.

                And so it goes. Someday, maybe, my two boys will have kids of their own and pass it along.

                It’s a nice day to remember nice times. We need that these days.

                And so, to paraphrase the great broadcaster, Bob Murphy, “To all you Dad’s out there today – happy birthday!”

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