Fatal Infraction: Mike Stoneman Thriller #4 — sneak peek at the book blurb

The first draft of book #4 is out for beta reader comments. By the end of January, it should be in my editor’s hands. For now, here’s a sneak peek at the book blurb. It’s still subject to some tweaks, so if you have any ideas or comments, please pass them along!

Controversial (Black) quarterback Jimmy Rydell’s body is found naked . . .

. . . on the Central Park carousel.

Who killed him?  How did he get there two days after he disappeared?

And why was the body frozen?

Jimmy’s team just wants to move on, after collecting on the $20 million insurance policy. Jimmy’s teammate – the one who threatened to kill him – swears he wasn’t there. Jimmy’s bodyguard had the night off, he says.

Somebody is lying, and they’re going down for this if Mike Stoneman and Jason Dickson can find a theory that explains all the bizarre facts. They just hope the case doesn’t tear the team, and the City, apart first.

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