Perilous Gambit enters the final phase of production!

Book #5 in the Mike Stoneman Thriller Series, Perilous Gambit is now “finished” but for the final typokiller copy editing review to correct any small typos, formatting glitches, missing words, or other blemishes. The story is done, and I will soon be starting to narrate the audiobook. Once you start putting the words on audio, you can’t make significant changes or you’ll ruin the Whispersync feature that works with Kindle and Audible. More than that, you’ll give your audiobook listeners a different book than your readers — if only slightly. And, let’s face the truth — there comes a point where you have to stop writing and call it “done.” Well, it’s done. (Yea!)

This marks something of a conclusion to the arc of the romantic subplots that have run through the books from Righteous Assassin (#1) to Perilous Gambit. It also marks the point in the fictional story line where my characters reach January of 2020 — right before COVID-19 shuts down the world. So, I can take a pause and pick up the story of my characters sometime in 2022, so I don’t have to write books that take place in a COVID-infested world. It’s better that way.

Look for Perilous Gambit in late November or early December!

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