Audiobook of Perilous Gambit – Preview

October 17, 2021. The audiobook version of Perilous Gambit (Mike Stoneman #5) is in the can! Narrating the audiobooks is always both fun and frustrating. The post-narration editing and production of the audio files is painstaking and time-consuming. But, now it’s over!

You can listen to a preview of Perilous Gambit below. In Chapter 5, Mike and Jason report to captain Sullivan that they struck out trying to identify the three showgirls in the FBI photo — the one with the identity of the man blurred out. But, now it’s not their problem. They are off to Vegas for Jason & Rachel’s wedding. The thing is, somebody told them that the venue of that mysterious photo might be in Las Vegas. Maybe the captain wants them to do a little poking around in Vegas, while they are there (so they are on the clock)? No? Well, fine. We’ll see what develops.

Perilous Gambit — Chapter 5 — Striking Out

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