A Legacy of One wins an Honor

Here’s a nice birthday present. In the email today I received a badge from Writer’s Digest signifying that my literary fiction novel, A Legacy of One, was recognized with an “honorable mention” in the 2021 Writer’s Digest contest for self-published books. This is actually more significant than the term “honorable mention” may suggest, because the contest awards just one winner in each category (in this case, literary fiction), and then a short-list of honorable mentions that were not the winner, but which merited special acknowledgement. Essentially the same as being a “finalist” in other awards contests.

So, after re-editing the book in 2021 and re-publishing it with a new cover design, the book has now garnered its first award/honor. Nice to get it, and the timing is excellent today.

So, here’s to A Legacy of One — the Great American Novel. May more people read it in the future!

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