Scooter Chapman — My Hero

Having nothing to do with my books, but having a tremendous influence on my life, my father, Howard E. “Scooter” Chapman retired from working for KONP radio in Port Angeles, Washington, after 70 years (that’s SEVENTY). The local Seattle ABC affiliate, KOMO-TV aired a truly touching tribute to him tonight. If I can make this video work on my website, I want to have it preserved for my to cry over as often as I want to.

And you can read a touching tribute article in the Seattle Times here:

2 thoughts on “Scooter Chapman — My Hero

  1. Hey, Kevin,

    A bit late, but I wanted to reach out and congratulate your dad on his WONDERFUL career in PNW sports. I remember him coming out to Forks to interview my dad, Ralph Hilt, a fellow PA boy, and multi-sport coach there. I still have newspaper articles Scooter wrote about the Spartans.

    Dad passed away in 2017, but I’m sure if he were alive he’d wish Scooter the best.

    Mike Hilt

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