#JohnCRileyisMikeStoneman — for real!

My readers have kicked around the question: “Who should portray Mike Stoneman in the Netflix series?” The consensus answer is John C. Riley. He’s the right age, has the acting chops, and has the correct “everyman” appearance to be the somewhat shlumpy detective who doesn’t dress to impress, but who wins the heart of the lovely medical examiner, Michelle McNeill.

The five-book series could easily be rendered as a five-season series for any streaming video service. Each book would be one season, with plenty of action, suspense, mystery, romance, (sex), and drama. I can see John C. Riley in the part of the star/protagonist. Tell me I’m wrong:

So, start using the hashtag: #JohnCRileyisMikeStoneman. Pass it on!

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