Amazon #19 — 5-stars from Carol K

The original reviews post was getting too long, so I’m starting to post new reviews as individual posts. Here’s #19 on amazon, posted Janueary 22, 2019 from Carol K, a 5-star review titled “Excellent Thriller!”

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.. In fact, I read it all the way through at first sitting, even though that kept me up way too late 🙂 It is a real page-turner. The characters are thoroughly believable, and the plot takes the reader along on all its twists and turns. What I particularly appreciate as a native Manhattanite is that the author gets all the New York details exactly right, not only geographically (although that is certainly a big plus), but also the energy and pace and feel of the city.

I highly recommend Righteous Assassins. In fact, I have sent it as a gift to friends who are thriller aficionados because I know they will enjoy it.

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