Goodreads review #13 — 4-stars from Imelda

Imelda rated it really liked it  ·  editionShelves: giveawaysownI received Righteous Assassin from Goodreads Giveaways, and I am so glad I did. The book revolves around catching a very smart criminal who was killing New York’s finest scumbags. I really enjoyed this book. It had an interesting story, great characters, and enough suspense to keep me reading. I love the main characters in this story and I especially enjoy reading about how their relationships with each other change/grow throughout the story. Kevin Chapman did an amazing job describing each characters as well as the settings in the book. His attention to details makes you feel like you know these characters and you’re there with them. 

Many thanks to the author, sponsors and Goodreads for my copy of this book. I am looking forward to Mike Stoneman’s next case. (less)

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