You Think You Know Someone, by J. B. Holman

If you like puzzles and connecting the dots, this suspense/thriller (with a hit of romance) is a book you will enjoy.  J.B. Holman spins out a web of intrigue that keeps you guessing and frequently sends you in multiple directions at once as the main protagonist, Eduard Foxx, and his very unwilling accomplice, Julie Connor, attempt to prevent the assassination of the British Prime Minister – or are they attempting to commit the assassination?  From the first chapter, the reader is off balance, thinking that we know who the good guys and the bad guys are, but things are never what they seem.  If you enjoy trying to figure out what’s going on you will have plenty of chances here.

There are many side characters, some introduced mid-stream, and at times it is a challenge keeping everyone and everything straight.  The writing style here is very staccato – short segments of dialogue or action without a lot of extraneous material (except for a few chapters that go the opposite direction).  The style is akin to quick cuts made by a film editor, but after a while the reader gets used to them.  Overall the style enhances the sense of urgency and suspense as the story careens toward its conclusion and the many different puzzle pieces start to come together.

The book is reasonably well edited, with some notable minor distractions, and the author has created two principle characters who have deep back-stories and an interesting relationship.  Some of the side characters seem cartoonish at times and there are a few places where the plot points deviate from plausibility, but it is nevertheless an entertaining and intriguing story and well worth the effort.  I was able to deduce a few of the eventual twists, but there were plenty of surprises – the good kind.

One thought on “You Think You Know Someone, by J. B. Holman

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