Good Doing Evil, by Wilde Blue Sky

This little novella is a story about the brave swashbuckling hero that is (maybe) hidden inside even the most mild-mannered person.  Mr. Wilde Blue Sky tells us the story of Arthur (seems very close to “author”), who is an intelligent guy, but his 48-year-old life has been a failure because he lacks confidence in himself and is terrified of taking a risk.  He is awkward around women, jealous of other men, and resigned to the fact that his life is meaningless and boring.  He is a real loser.  And then, fate intervenes and he is thrust into an unlikely series of events involving terrorists and government agents.  He finds himself in life-threatening situations and, surprisingly, handles himself well.  Arthur is linked up with Dario, a tall, dark, handsome and confident agent.  Dario is everything that Arthur wishes he could be.  The experience has a profound effect.

The brief story is told well and at times the prose is brilliant.  We really get a good look inside Arthur’s head.  But, the book is also peppered with editing errors that are annoying and distracting.  For such a short book, the editing should be better.  The story here has enough depth to support a full novel.  It is a bit disappointing that the author chose to clip it so short.  The title explanation of “Good doing evil” is explained at the very end in a summary exposition that could have been doled out more slowly over the course of a longer book.  As written, it comes off a bit rushed and leaves the reader wanting more.

Despite the flaws, this is an interesting story and includes some good writing.  I hope Wilde Blue Sky fleshes out his next story more fully and engages a good editor and we may have something special.

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