Texas Jewel (Broken Jewel Book 1), by Melissa Alexia

This is a fun little romance/adventure, starting Jewel, a 21-year-old vixen and her hot BFF, Clarise, who get swept up into an unlikely wild west style romp after she inherits the old house and land in West Texas owned by her now-dead grandfather.  It turns out that there is a band of Native Americans living on the land and they are worried that they will get expelled unless the hunky leader of the group (Joe) marries the heir (Jewel) to the estate. Well, things get very interesting and very steamy when Jewel and Clarise arrive in town and are immediately on the make for the hot guys, Jewel is confronted by the slimy Mexican drug dealer, while she is trying to be protected by the hot-bodied local Sherriff, while Joe (whom Clarise and Jewel nick-name “sex on a stick” before they know is real name) tries to woo her away.

This is a book that requires a total suspension of disbelief and totally ignore logic and sensibility and just flow along with the romance.  Jewel, who is at one point terrified of horses, finds herself fleeing from captivity on a horse, only to find that she needs to stop for the night (even though her trip from town to the location of her captivity had taken only a short time), when she arrives at a cave – in the middle of the Texas desert – where a mysterious stranger invites her to sit and talk about her back-story.  It’s like that.  Just go with it.  Don’t worry that none of the time line make sense or that the characters pop up conveniently whenever needed and how Jewel’s dialogue and confrontation with the bad guys just happens out of nowhere.  There are no deep issues, no philosophical points made – it’s just a romance romp in the desert.

Somehow, the author makes us care about Jewel, which is a credit to the writer and the story.  Unfortunately, the book ends abruptly with a sudden surprise but no resolution to any of the plot lines.  It’s a serial story cliffhanger, so if you want to know what happens, you’ll need to read the next installment.  At the very end, the author gives us a little peek at what was happening with Clarise and the hot Sherriff back at the hotel, which is just gratuitous soft-core sex without any real connection to the rest of the story.  The author gives the reader the option to skip the steamy scenes, but that doesn’t help resolve any of the unresolved plot.

The book starts out being pretty well written and edited, but there are increasingly numerous editing and language issues as you read along.  But, like the plot holes and the deviation from reality, it hardly matters as the story careens along in a fast-paced narrative.

This book is two hours of escapist fun.  As long as you don’t mind the unresolved plot and don’t pay too much attention to detail, it’s like watching a movie that is not really that good, but it’s still fun to watch.

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