Audiobook excerpt – Deadly Enterprise, Chapter 23 (the Scotch Scene)

I’m about halfway through the Quality Check process for the audiobook of Deadly Enterprise. Another week and I should be done. Below is a link to an uploaded excerpt — chapter 23, which is “the scotch scene.” I love this scene, and the excerpt is a good example of the audiobook. There’s a slight “spoiler” for anyone who has not yet read the book (and anyone reading this blog really should have read the book by now), so be prepared.

3 thoughts on “Audiobook excerpt – Deadly Enterprise, Chapter 23 (the Scotch Scene)

  1. Kevin, I’m a big audible and WhisperSync consumer … and am currently listening to Righteous Assassin. Normally, I’m a bit reluctant to listen to audiobooks performed by the author. However, your performance is very good … making you an exception. As you QC Deadly Enterprise, can you eliminate the echoing either through engineering or improving the recording environment? If so, I believe the audio version of your book might be even better.

    I do like your cast of characters and this initial Stoneman story. I look forward to reading/listening to Deadly Enterprise.


    1. Robert — thanks for the comments. I am acutely aware of the echoing issue in the audiobook version of Righteous Assassin. The problem (as I know know) is that the DAW I am using (Audible) defaulted to a microphone setting that I did not realize. So, as I was reading into my wonderful professional quality mic, the recording was being transmitted to the software through the microphone of my laptop computer. As a novice user of the system, I didn’t know any better and as I edited and QC’d my files, I just thought that’s what it is supposed to sound like. When I started preparing to record Deadly Enterprise, I noticed the microphone input setting and switched it over to the software interface for the microphone (Focusrite), and viola — the sound quality was improved by 100% — no echo, much clearer sound quality. Ugh. I had already spent 80 hours recording and editing Righteous Assassin. I am leaning against re-recording the entire book.

      But, the good news is that the sound quality on Deadly Enterprise is much, much better. If you listen to the sample clip, you should notice an extreme difference.

      The perils of being self-published and self-recorded. You buy quality equipment, but you don’t really know how to use it. Ugh. Live and learn.


      On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 2:09 PM Kevin G. Chapman wrote:



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