Available on Audible: Righteous Assassin!

Effective February 5, 2020, Righteous Assassin is available as an adiobook through amazon’s Audible program. If you have never signed up for Audible to get audiobooks, there is a special code below that is my “bounty” code — if any new Audible user signs up using this code and downloads my book as their first Audible selection, I get a prize. Pretty sweet for me (and for you, as a new reader/listener to Audible’s library of audiobooks). Here’s the code:

For those of you who are already Audible subscribers, you can find Righteous Assassin at this link:

Audible sale link:  https://www.audible.com/pd/Righteous-Assassin-Audiobook/B084GQYJTY or just https://www.audible.com/pd/B084GQYJTY

I will post this small note to my listeners. When I recorded Righteous Assassin for audiobook, I was not 100% happy with the audio quality. When I started narrating book #2 in the series, Deadly Enterprise, I discovered that the Audacity software I was using for the recording process had a microphone setting that was incorrect for the professional microphone I was using. As a result, the sound quality on the entire audiobook is not as good as it is for Deadly Enterprise, which was recorded with the correct microphone setting. I’m contemplating whether I need to completely re-record Righteous Assassin as a result. I”ll be very interested in hearing from my listeners whether they find the sound quality on the recording to be adequate such that the enjoyment of the “read” is not significantly diminished by the sound issue. If the sound issue is a real problem, then I may have to just bite the bullet and put the 100 hours or so that I put into the recording process in the trash and start over. So, please share your thoughts with me! thanks.

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