Another nice review for Deadly Enterprise — from Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Prize judge (9.0 out of 10)

“This latest installment of the Mike Stoneman thriller series proves as exciting and gripping as previous plots in the bigger picture. The idea . . . is a fresh twist on the typical mystery scenario. The narrative feels mature and proves engrossing. . . . This fine mystery/thriller contains level pacing, diverse vocabulary, and a storyline complicated enough to hold one’s interest. This will be a page-turner for any fans of the genre.” — The BookLife Prize (Publisher’s Weekly) — Overall: 9.00 out of 10

Reaction to Deadly Enterprise in general has been more overall positive than for Righteous Assassin, although more reviewers really loved Righteous Assassin, as opposed to folks who liked (but didn’t love) Deadly Enterprise. I must say that I’m generally thrilled that so many different readers have enjoyed the books. It makes me want to keep writing!

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