Viva Las Vegas! Mike Stoneman #5 will include a road trip. What Vegas venues should we visit?

                In book #5 of the Mike Stoneman Thriller series, Mike, Jason, Michelle, and Rachel will be taking a road trip to Las Vegas. I won’t give away anything about the plot, but I’m working out where they should go while there. I’m also working out whether it should be pre-COVID (probably) on the time line of the story arc.

                For now, things are very fluid. So, dear readers, what are your favorite Vegas locations? What restaurant should our friends eat in? What shows should they see? What hotel should they stay at? What casinos should they visit? What out-of-the-way Vegas locations would make a good spot for a scene? Please comment here, or send me email at, to give me your ideas. I’ll try to work the best ones into the story as I’m writing it.

                It will probably be a while before I get back to Vegas myself, but the day will come. I’m optimistic about the world moving back toward the before-COVID times. Things will never be exactly the same again, but maybe more hand sanitizer stations in public places, more frequent cleaning, and sick people wearing facemasks would be an improvement. We’ll see. For now, I won’t be playing any live poker in a casino for a while. We’re now into the time period when the World Series of Poker would be running in Las Vegas and I would be getting psyched up to leave next Wednesday for four days at the WSOP. I had reservations at the LINQ hotel, and my poker buddies had plans for a steak dinner next Wednesday night, followed by some really good scotch outside by the fountains at the Venetian. That’s now not happening, and I’m a little sad about that. But, compared to the serious problems many people are dealing with due to this virus, my disappointment is very minor.

                Stay well. Continue donating to causes that are helping with the COVID situation and causes that support social justice. This is definitely the time.


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