Calculated Deception, by K.T. Lee [review]

Dr. Ree Ryland is not your typical mystery-action hero. She is a professor of Engineering, specializing in auto crash safety systems. But she has a black belt, and a Glock in her purse. Just in case. She is also clever, a stickler for details, and attractive. A very intriguing combination.

In this story, Ree starts out under FB I surveillance, but quickly transitions to a member of the team of good guys trying to foil a plot to assemble short range missiles from smuggled parts. And you know those will not be used for peaceful or lawful purposes. 

The story is engaging, the plot is complex enough but not hard to follow, and all the supporting characters are suited to their roles. The book is well written and we’ll edited, allowing for a smooth reading flow. There are plenty of details about Ree’s life and a believable romantic subplot that adds to the story.

Small leaps of believability aside, this is a pleasurable and interesting read that will keep you interested and leave you feeling satisfied in the end. It will also leave you wanting to read more books in this series. It’s not quite a five-star experience, but 4.5 for sure. Well done and a recommended read.

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