Lethal Voyage — Audiobook Production is up next!

I have finished the text version of Lethal Voyage — book #3 in the Mike Stoneman Thriller series. While I wait to hear back from Literary Agents about the prospects for finding a traditional publisher who wants to publish the rest of the series (and the next one after that), I will be delaying setting a formal launch date for Lethal Voyage. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, yesterday I narrated the first two chapters for the audiobook version. I’ll be spending the next few weeks narrating a few chapters per day, then editing the chapters. the goal will be to have the audiobook done by mid-September so that the audiobook will be ready to launch at the same time as the ebook and the paperback.

I have two loyal readers lined up to be “beta listeners” who will listen to the audiobook files and help me identify blemishes in the recordings before I finalize and master the tracks for uploading. This is the first time I’m using beta listeners and I’m excited about the prospects.

So, off to the recording “studio” in the basement to narrate. Wish me luck!

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