The Human Cure, by Tracy Auerbach [Review]

This is the most unique vampire story I’ve ever read or seen on the screen. Without spoiling anything, the principle vampire characters, Chase and Hunter Bardock, are part of a vampire family living in an underground compound in Queens. Both have traits that make them unusual among their kind, and that bring them closer to humans. Meanwhile Kate, a human woman, is drawn into their world, and into their lives. The internal and external struggle for each of the three main characters is fascinating and well-written. This is a story about the characters and their feelings and relationships. It’s a horror story and a romance, and it’s well worth the read.

Ms. Auerbach has constructed a unique universe, with its own rules for being a vampire. Here, vampires don’t burn up when exposed to sunlight, and don’t shy away from mirrors or crosses. They do, however, have a burning need to feed on human blood. They also have a need for a human woman. Kate has a dreary life and few friends. Her family is far away. She won’t be missed if she is whisked away into the realm of Chase and Hunter. The entire vampire ecosphere is well thought-out and provides for some interesting scenes and situations. There’s a twist in the end that I won’t spoil, but which I’ll say is incredibly original and unexpected.

The story is compelling and moves along quickly. It’s a satisfying read. There are, however, a few loose ends and a few jumps in the plot that aren’t fully explained. The reader is surprised at the end rather than feeling like there was a build-up of anticipation to the final confrontation. I would have liked to get a more detailed peek into the lives of the other vampires aside from the two protagonists and the one villain. But these are minor concerns that prevent the book from achieving the highest possible level, while still being an entertaining read that will draw you in and keep you wanting more – just like Chase keeps wanting more blood.

I recommend this book for any vampire fans who don’t mind having some classic vampire dogma twisted, and for romance fans who don’t mind a little blood spilled and a lot of action/adventure elements. For any reader, this is a fun ride.

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