Mind in Chains (The Mind Sleuth series, book 3), by Bruce M. Perrin

This is an engrossing, suspenseful mystery that literally kept me up until the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t get to sleep before finding out what happened!  A really well-written and well-constructed story from the twisted mind of Bruce Perrin.  The author drops sufficient clues for the reader to eventually figure out the mystery along with FBI agent Rebecca Marte, but it’s a complex puzzle; one that’s fun to solve.  The characters here are colorful and interesting, and in the end you’ll have real feelings for their situation.  A truly masterful job and a book worth buying and reading.

The main character of the Mind Sleuth series, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price, has just become engaged to Nicole.  Things are going swell until the domestic terrorist group known as the Crusaders for Common Sense comes into their lives.  The Crusaders are bombing medical professionals, and both Sam and Nicole work in that field.  The Crusaders rail against modern medicine as a blight on the planet, and when a prominent researcher is killed by a bomb, the FBI ramps up its attention.  Rebecca is the lead agent investigating the terror group, and she meets Sam as part of the case.  Sam’s keen analytical mind proves valuable to Rebecca as they both work toward tracking down the terrorists before they kill again.

The plot has many twists and is quite complex, yet with Sam’s assistance the reader is able to follow easily and understand where the investigation is headed.  There are several persons of interest and figuring out who is really behind the Crusaders, and how they are carrying out their missions, is plenty of fodder for a deep and engrossing story.  Sam and Nicole get sucked in and put in danger, but there are even bigger issues at stake.  There is never a pause in the suspense as the pieces start to fall together.  It’s a story that will keep you guessing and keep you happily reading.  I fully recommend this book.

There are a few minor issues that keep this from being a 5-star rating, but they are truly nits that don’t detract from the enjoyment of the read.  There are a few plot points that, after the fact, seem to have some logical irregularities, including one key sequence that, when you’re done reading, it’s hard to reconcile how it could have happened that way given what you “know” about the Crusaders and their methods. And, the ending leaves a few questions not completely answered, including the motivation for another key (and really good) scene. There are some blind-alley sub-plots that could have worked better, but they don’t detract from the main story. There could be a little more punch to the climax, but this is a psychological thriller more than an action movie. (I’m hoping for Ann Hathaway to play Rebecca in the movie.) But these are not huge problems. Overall, another winner from Bruce Perrin!

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